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I do not post my art here, I'm not comfortable with posting it here, go to my deviantART which is eevee2glaceon09.
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You are my Meowrail,

My only Meowrail.

You made me happy,

When skies were grey.

I hope you know, dear,

How pale I’m for you.

Gamzee don’t take

My Meowrail


Quick thing I did late last night and thought I might upload. Nepeta watching Gamzee strangle Equius is always one of the saddest things for me in Homestuck.

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  Some finished photos of my glittery gothic dress! I’m quite pleased with how it came out. I hope I manage to get decent photos before the season passes. 

It’s made from cotton broadcloth, tulle, spirit fabrics, and heap of seasonal decor items from Michaels! The dress was a challenge of patience since things kept going wrong but it wasn’t very difficult to make. 

I have two blog posts about making it, a video on making matching crowns, and a few other dresses made with the same method!


low key crying right now this is perfection.